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How to decorate Children’s indoor play center?

Release time:2022-10-27

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How to decorate Children’s indoor play center?


Now the children's indoor playground has become popular in the investment market. No investment project is more attractive than investing in children’s indoor play center! Well, if you are going to make a big show in the children's indoor playground market, first of all, we want to tell you that the decoration of children's indoor play center should conform to its own positioning, fight a sure battle and inject more positive energy into your career.




Shape of design


The shape of furniture in children's indoor playground center should first be visually lively, close to nature and life, and the appearance is full of vivid expressiveness. Secondly, in modeling, it is best to choose animals and plants in natural ecology. For younger children, it can improve their cognition of the thing and exercise their observation ability.

In addition, the integration of ever-changing patterns in modeling can meet children's imagination of the whole thing. Adding more patterns on the basis of bionic modeling will attract children's attention through changing modeling and abstract patterns, which is in line with children's psychology of being willing to explore.

The modeling of bionic furniture for children's playground equipment should be interesting, attract children's interest and conform to the characteristics of children's psychological development.




Color of design

In the choice of color, we should first comply with the age characteristics of children. Some furniture endowed with childlike color can often win the favor of children and cause children's psychological resonance.

Children's nature of loving nature can be better reflected and grasped in furniture color. The use of solid color or same color system of natural organisms can make it easier for children to identify. At the same time, adding appropriate contrast color can make furniture have strong attraction and impact in color.

In the environment of children's playground, the furniture with high color brightness and warm color will make children feel happy.





Theme of the Indoor playground center

The theme of children's playground can generally be ice and snow style, forest style, ocean style, cartoon style, etc. Therefore, when choosing the style, investors can make a small survey to see the age of main consumer is, what children mainly like, and what is the most popular among children in the children's animation industry and toy industry in the city. In this way, we can choose the style that children like according to their age. Generally, children prefer more cartoon characters or have colorful styles, which can be used as a reference.

Secondly, the decoration of the indoor playground park is integrated with the theme style. As long as the decoration style is determined, the decoration of the children’s indoor playground park will be completed. However, the decoration of the indoor amusement park can be divided into simple decoration and fine decoration. If the funds are sufficient, fine decoration can naturally be selected. Although it costs more funds, it needs less investment later. If you have low budget, you can choose simple decoration for example just get the wall paper with the theme you need.




Design of Six main Area of Indoor playground

1. Entertainment Area: the entertainment Area is the core of the Indoor playground, which brings the greatest joy to the tourists. Through the themed play equipment with high-tech parent-child interaction, the story theme and happiness are spread to the tourists at each scene.

2. Performance Area: the performance area of the indoor play center is usually a stage for kids. Designs a unique lighting change program and theme music, controls the lighting and music changes of the whole park through the control room, and turns the whole theme park into a large show field at the performance time, so as to make people's passion reach a climax.


3. Educational space: integrate education into entertainment by means of high technology, make cartoon characters become teachers through augmented reality technology, greatly increase their affinity, and constantly launch a series of courses to enable children to learn knowledge when playing and strengthen the attraction of education when they are playing in the children’s playground.


4. Service space: provide the most first-class services to every tourist, including a series of services such as children's hairdressing, children's clothing and children's photography, so as to improve the viscosity of the family entertainment center and customer satisfaction.


5. Catering space: catering space is to provide tourists with their favorite desserts, drinks, ice cream and other foods when they are tired, attract them stay longer in the family entertainment center. 
6. Sales space: There shall be a series of derivatives related to the theme story, including toys, books, gifts, etc. tourists can choose any gift they want, in this way, it extend the theme of the indoor playground park and enhance the communication power of the brand.



As long as the children's Park is well decorated, it will naturally attract children to play in the park. With more visitors, the business will be better. Therefore, the decoration of the children's indoor playground is very important. We must pay special attention to it, and don't think about it once and for all. Many decoration styles need to be adjusted in the later stage of operation. If the funds are sufficient, it is necessary to make changes.

Make a decoration scheme according to the local culture, market and consumer groups, and comprehensively consider these factors, which can not only reflect their own ideas, attract the attention of players, but also conform to the culture of the local market.

In general, the site decoration of children's playground center should bear in mind that it is mainly based on the actual needs of the site, the layout is reasonable, and it can not only consider the overall effect, but also reflect its own characteristics. Different decoration styles can improve the level of children's playground, attract children's attention and make the popularity of the recreation center more popular!



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