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What shall be considered in Children’s playground to attract more visitors?

Release time:2022-10-26

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What shall be considered in Children’s playground to attract more visitors?




Children's playground is the hottest investment project now, because its main consumer is children, and parents dotes on their children that they basically will agree to take their children to the children’s playground park. However, investors and operators of children's parks will also encounter some small problems, such as how to choose the play equipment of children's parks?


Make children in a dominant position


Children can take the initiative to operate and learn from Children’s play equipment. If children can get a successful experience from playing, they will get a sense of achievement. In this way, they will be willing to become a person who has the courage to pursue challenges.







Design different play equipment for children of different ages



Children’s play equipment shall be different according to their ages and their ability, children like the toys that can be controlled by them, too difficult will be frustrating, too simple will be boring. So the park owner shall buy different kinds of play equipment according to the ages of the players.




0-2years toddler


Physical characteristics: like to walk around, like to play with sand and water, and show strong interest in small animals. 

Psychological characteristics: at this age, the cognition of the external environment is feeling and perception. 6 months after birth, the baby has preliminary memory and judgment and can understand the things around him.


Performance of interest: they begin to like watching, listening and touching various objects. They are particularly interested in toys with bright colors and sound. They could play simple games, but the game is inseparable from real objects. Soft building blocks, bright colors and simple handling activities are the most suitable for babies in infancy



2-5 preschool


Physical characteristics: children of this age have significantly enhanced their physical activity ability, can skillfully carry out jumping, running, climbing and other activities, and have a strong interest in exploring the surrounding environment.


Psychological characteristics: as the energy of the body increases, it also gradually forms the ability of image thinking. The attention begins to focus, and it is easy to be attracted by new things and like to doing the activities that need imagination.


Expression of interest: children of this age have slowly formed their own character, either active or quiet. Most of the equipment in the children’s park, such as modular playground, sand pool, ride-on cars and role play, are more suitable for children of this age.





5-12 years old school age


Physical characteristics: the scope of activities is gradually expanded, and activities with content and strict rules of the game can be carried out.


Psychological characteristics: during this period, children's behavior is affected by the outside world of family, school and society.


Interest performance: children in this period are more active and gradually become interested in sports and competitive games, such as rock climbing and exploring. On the other hand, they are curious about high-tech things, such as VR, AR and other series.




Perfect manufactured


Good children's amusement equipment is made of good materials and attractive design, which can make children's playground equipment have a sense of high play value. If the children's playground equipment broken quickly, the children will be quite disappointed because they have just aroused the heart of play and exploration, which is quickly quenched. Therefore, excellent production can be started from the following aspects: 

The design of the playground:

For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music are the first elements to attract them. First impression is very important. Children's Park should give customers a good impression at the first time in order to attract customers come back again. In addition, the shape of amusement equipment should have a certain meaning. People will become your stable source of customers because of the special meaning, such as the appearance of the play equipment means good luck, etc.


Choose high cost performance play equipment

When selecting playground equipment, the cost performance must be considered. In short, if the equipment can accommodate more people at the same price, the cost performance will be higher, and the products with high cost performance will be more popular with children. To choose fun and interesting equipment, a single playground equipment often can not arouse children's interest in playing, while fun and interesting playground equipment makes children enjoy it.



Size of the playground equipment


In the process of operation, the first thing for park operators is not to choose amusement equipment, but to first evaluate their own conditions, and select appropriate amusement equipment considering their own budget, site area, overall site theme, etc. When selecting equipment for children's playground park, it is very important to proceed according to your need. Do not buy the products that are over your budget or too big size for your area.  


The quality of the playground equipment

High quality children's amusement equipment can not only ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment, but also avoid accidents to a certain extent. Children's self-protection consciousness is very weak and their resistance is very weak. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there will be no problems with the amusement equipment during play, otherwise, not only the safety of children can not be guaranteed, The mood of customers will also be affected, and the revenue of playground park will suffer.



In addition to improving amusement equipment, it’s also important to improve service quality and give feedback to consumers in time. Over time, your children's play center can steadily leave others behind and gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.






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